• Leak Pack Tester

    - Low vacuum measurement
    method using compressed air
    - Automatic measurement without
    product damage or destruction

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  • Tablet Multi Auto System

    - Full Automation or
    Manual Adjustable
    - Touch screen, keyboard/
    mouse operation

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  • Battery Thickness Tester

    High-precision measurements are
    achieved by applying the bottom-up
    pressurization method.

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  • Low Spexific Gravity

    Measurement of ultra-precision
    density (weight) with
    resolution 0.0001g/㎠

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  • Density Measurement System

    Automatic measurement of at least
    100 samples per 1 cycle for
    engineering plastics,rubber
    compounds, and new materials

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  • Bead Shape Tester

    Tire bead internal diameter
    (inner circumference) and
    weight can be measured
    in one system

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  • Weighing System for Tread

    A meter that automatically
    measures weight continuously
    (0.5m or 1m2) per unit length.

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  • Launcher Inspection System

    Automatically measure various
    items such as length, internal/
    external diameter of
    multiple rocket launcher

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