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    Continuous Weighing System for Tread



    Continuous Weighing System for Tread 

    - A meter that automatically measures the weight per unit length (0.5 m or 1 m) continuously.
    - Transmitting specification settings and measurement data with two-way communication with the parent main PLC (or computer)
    - Measurement data for the past 10 minutes (changeable) is displayed graphically, and an alarm is triggered in case of an abnormality
    - Securing world-class precision with less than ±1g of recapitalization, straightness, and corner rods.


    Description Specification
    ​Model name​ NT-EXO3T-M NT-EXO2T-M NT-EXO1T-T



    1,000 m 500 m 1,000 m



    Magnetic Sensor Load Cell



    20 kg ​20 kg​
    ​Resolution​ 5 g 1 g
    ​Reproducibility​ ± 1 g ± 2 g



    ​The Ministry of measurement​:

    700(1,400) x 850 x 900 mm