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  • 2020. 10The 50th Measurement Day Award from the Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy
  • 2017. 11Korea Entrepreneurship Association Korea Entrepreneurship Awards
  • 2016. 07Expanding the field of international accredited calibration institutions (add electricity)
  • 2013. 10The 43rd Korea Industrial Precision Technology Conference Dongtop Industrial Medal
  • 2013. 09Promising Small and Medium Enterprises in Daejeon City
  • 2011. 10Recognition of the Corporate Research Institute
  • 2010. 05Relocation of Daedeok Techno Valley New Building
  • 2008. 06Designation of promising small and medium-sized export companies
  • 2007. 11Presidential Commendation Award at the 37th Korea Precision Industrial Technology Competition
  • 2007. 11INNO-BIZ Company Certification, Designation of Venture Company
  • 2006. 12Obtain CE mark certification for European quality standards
  • 2006. 11Winning the 36th Precision Technology Promotion Conference President's Award
  • 2006. 04Participated in 3 international exhibitions (Tokyo, Japan, Shanghai, China)
  • 2006. 02Registration of meter manufacturing business (Daejeon City)
  • 2003. 11Gold Prize at the 33rd Precision Technology Promotion Conference / Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy Award
  • 2001. 09Designation of national calibration institutions (Industrial Support Department, KOLAS, Mass field)
  • 2001. 02Corporate conversion and mutual change to Nano Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.
  • 1990. 04Establishing a company