• Product :
    Battery pressurization jig

  • Battery pressurization jig

    - Target of secondary battery cells for automotive applications

    - Measure the swelling of the cell during the fill discharge test.

    - Apply pressure to battery cells with battery pressurization jig

    - Using a pressure gauge and a dedicated S/W program

    - Measurement of displacement volume, face pressure load, face pressure load distribution, etc.

    - Different sizes of custom made according to customer needs​

    Description Specification
    Power 220 V, 1 ph, 60 Hz

    Pressure​ : 40,000 N,

    Displacement​ : 30 mm


    Pressure​ : 10 N,

    Displacement​ : 0.001 mm 

    Division 5 kg/㎠

    ​Custom-made and manufactured according

    to the product used​

    ​Fabrication Specifications​ ​Specification Customization based on customer needs​