Calibration room status

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Standard calibration room

  • Address : 271, Baeul 1-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea (The ground floor)
  • Scale : 102㎡ More than
  • Environment : Temperature ±1.0℃ Humidity ±5% R.H.Maintenance
  • Facilities : Thermoelectric band automatic calibration Sysyem, Climatic Test Caninet, Mass comparator, E2 class division, An electric force gauge, Has more than 100 types of calibration standards such as Dial Gage Tester

Quality policy

  1. Rapid and accurate customer-impact service
  2. Achieve complete and reliable calibration quality
  3. Globalized Quality Management System

Quality goal

  1. Provide customers with satisfactory quality and best service with fair performance
  2. Continuous management to secure reliable calibration results
  3. Comply with the laws and regulations related to the national correctional institution designation system
  4. Establishing a quality management system suitable for ISO / IEC 17025 requirements and complying with the operational procedures
  5. Continuous improvement activities of performing duties and implementing quality policies through quality management manual

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